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  1. Every time I comeback the site just looks better and better. 💖


  2. I'm still mad this will miss that deserved $1B, but I am beyond ready for this movie. All the critics saying it puts you on an emotional roller coaster has me trembling.
  3. @Tygress Ugh I've been binging your videos and Tygress was such a bad bitch. I'm so pissed WWE didn't sign her, the way she oozed charisma and slayed as both face and heel.
  4. I mean good for the fans but I really don't know how a different cut will magically make that horrific movie into something better.
  5. Maybe one day she’ll get an invite to the Emmys like ICON did. Doubt it though.
  6. Didn't I hear AMC is damn near on the verge of closing? You would think they would take whatever they can get.
  7. So basically "we gonna pay y'all for a month and then after that you better file for unemployment." Vince ain't shit.
  8. The way this could've been the greatest Divas wrestling game serve had they put her in with this look.
  9. This thread is impressive as hell. I don't have a clue who half these women are so the fact you have them listed but with bios and pictures. Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize tbh.
  10. I honestly think they were banking on Amy to be in it but mama said no thanks. Michelle still doesn't make sense, my only guess is that she was standing in the corner watching and they just told her to come over. We were robbed of Madawnna tbh.
  11. The adult in me respects her for not wanting WWE to basically own her name, but the kid in me that got SVR 06 the week it came out is pressed knowing I could've done her vs Joy at Wrestlemania in GM mode.
  12. At this point I can’t help but laugh. Vince is such a piece of SHIT and everyone working are just plain idiots. I’m so glad my man bounced the second he heard a cough.
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