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  1. Yea, this is starting to become a glaring issue of homegrown talent not being used more prominently in the "developmental" brand. I mean what's the point of signing people and training from from scratch if you're not going to do anything meaningful with them? Just seems like a waste of time and money to me.
  2. Didn't have play The Red Ranger Jason in the Power Rangers reboot film?
  3. She's still under contract. I guess they're just allowing her to doing thing outside of WWE as long as she doesn't use her WWE slave name of course;)
  4. Not this having 0 comments days later, so I guess I'll break the ice. This is really exciting because as a black kid growing up I appreciated the representation. Now if they do a Batman Beyond live action film too then that would be equally as cool.
  5. Why are all these masked wrestlers so fine nowadays?
  6. Isn't this like the 2nd time Natalya's lost a tooth during a match? Good thing WWE has great dental care otherwise she'd be walking around looking like a crackhead.
  7. I'm lowkey here for it tbh I just miss her heat and the internet nerds losing it over her very existence!
  8. Poor Mickie, she's never gotten hurt this much in her career. What's going on?
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