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  1. How absolutely beautiful. I know Women’s wrestling technically sucked up until recently by like... normal wrestling standards but by farrrrrr the women we watched were such irreplaceable PEOPLE!!! I feel so lucky to have literally learned from them and been inspired by their love, creativity, and boldness to live dangerously. It has never crossed my mind much before and I wish it wasn’t a result of Ashley’s decision. I ultimately just hope that, even if these words didn’t get to her before, I hope they somehow get to her now. This era of women in wrestling are so beautiful & fearl
  2. I can’t believe @Rainbow Heart got me eliminated after everything I’ve done for Becky Lynch community
  3. darling really came here to thoroughly read anyone coming for eva
  4. cooksie really had to show yall the li(gh)ta seriously though it really has to be lita AND trish to me. lita's presence is just unmatched, something about her was just perfect for the nature of wrestling's story telling and she just made the phoniness of wrestling seem genuinely urgent and worth caring about. trish had a similar quality, only seemingly less organic and more learned (and much more reliable tbh). with trish, she just made everything work for her character and honestly her booking wasn't that consistent, SHE was. all of the girls today look for their character in their scr
  5. She has one of the messiest careers storyline wise so if they really about it they better play up to that!!
  6. that’s actually ronda’s first loss I think
  7. Sasha really put some force into that kick to the chest, damn near killed the bitch
  8. ohhh ok, dummies nnn and yea I’m glad u caught that cuz I was gonna be too lazy to clarify kii
  9. also corey is so corny for dogging sasha on commentary
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