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  1. Congrats to my queen even though the name is ugly.
  2. I am more interested in knowing how he turned into a villain
  3. Aliyah is finally coming! Hopefully Vince can fire Shayna and her ugly friends now! Mia, Jessie, Candice and Rachel can go as well
  4. Nancy and her bf are so irrelevant and boring.
  5. I have waited 12 years for this moment and it finally happened! Not only that! She is a RAW superstar now Maybe I won
  6. Tea! I am stuck at Hot Air Skyway
  7. A true smart businesswoman! She literally scared them with her recent tweets so they offered them more money and a 5 year contracts lmfao!
  8. Nathan Drake isn't a skinny twink tho! A literal nightmare I am going to skip
  9. They do actually and we discuss it on twitter now shut up and tell me how did you fix it so I won't bother your ass anymore
  10. The Divas stans claim The Mother of Divas now this is not 2014 anymore
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