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  1. we're all old now plus, twitter/discord/reddit highkey killed off forums.
  2. the wwe splitting their only good act (male or female) ..... like really. unless this leads to like, billie managing Peyton's singles run idk. I'm just kinda done with the WWE. they always ruin anything they have going on.
  3. What Girl doesn't on the MR? and everytime Peyton has gotten into the ring on Raw (at least i don't watch Main event or whatever) has been different since she came back.
  4. a game where i can play harley? i'm in just watched her movie last weekend and finished the cartoon too. I'm on Harley kick
  5. tbf, i always felt like Bianca/Ruby was a last minute thing just cause Liv was unavailable for a few weeks
  6. the way bayley killed her career on the MR with her mic skills and the way she kept on failing to deliver in the ring, but got a year long reign out of it I remember the way people were booing her ass when she was a face. like, I don't care Sasha got the title. It's the fact that Sasha/Bayley already hold the tag titles and are now holding both singles titles when they already are the main focus for both shows. If Bayley had lost her title and Sasha won hers then cool. When they end up feuding with each other while holding both singles belts .....
  7. it taking becky/charlotte being out for sasha/bayley to lead the horse charge in ruining the division.
  8. she was boring as hell. do we care she was nixed? no
  9. the iiconics still getting a push and wins peyton's new finisher the break was what she needed to grow into ha titties and wrestle like she did in nxt
  10. the iiconics getting a push hard since they came back wins, mic time, story development, tv time, multiple segments, cross brand appearances vince loves these girls. ok, i haven't see nthe new bayley much, but i kept on seeing people saying she was good on the mic now and .....how? i mean, at least she isn't fucking up her lines but damn does she sound forced and unnatural on the mic.
  11. triple tag was cute. wrong winners.
  12. not her ass already gearing up to leave. after all she got, she gonna set the women back to the dark-ages in the WWE divas are coming back
  13. well she knows how to get attention. lets see how messy she gets out of the WWE
  14. so like, any of the women's matches worth watching?
  15. the way they kept killing off people as they got interesting. Stood around for half a season and when they'd get attention/development they'd be killed off in 2 episodes
  16. the way he's spent half of his time in the WWE on the shelf. A flop
  17. asdlkjf the way i was shook thinking nikki/brie had a match at first thinking Nikki took some stem cells to repair ha neck
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