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  1. I liked her tbh. She had a pretty creative offense and quite a strong personality, unlike that other jobber they have signed. But this was clearly a sympathy signing after she took a 24 hour bus trip to make the tapings or something.
  2. NOT EMMA, this company under-utilised her so much and I was just getting into her new theme I can't wait to see her in total nostop global force impact wrestling though.
  3. I'M YOUR EVERYDAY NIGHTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAREEEEEEEEEE i wish i could get rid of the ugly shoulder pads
  4. They've done without Gail for most part of the yearAnd they have 11 Knockouts and that's without Gail or Taryn, they'll be fine if they start using them all. Anyway, it's great that IMPACT are mixing it up for once and putting the women in the ME and on top of that are giving them 2 matches at BFG, whereas last year all they got was Gail vs Maria of all things. I can't wait to see Taya and Rosemary go at it, especially if the match is a first blood match like they implied here. Taya is pretty hardcore and Rosemary isn't afraid to take a bump so it should be a great match.
  5. Did they really let her out of her contract early, 2 weeks before their "biggest PPV of the year" so she can peruse other career options? They're as much of a joke as she is. I'm disappointed in Taryn, once again
  6. wooo, get it IMPACT. I'm ready for the innovative six-sided pizza
  7. CAWS really don't look out of place this year. 2K did good
  8. The Aksana show was soooo funny. I'm mad that I can't find the one where she get's given a rat by Connor O'Brian and she rolls around on floor with it
  9. A mess bc Gail said earlier this year that she retiring at the end of 2017. Although the company isn't helping clear up the misconception bc they uploaded a video to YT titled "Gail Kim is ready to hang up her boots at BFG" but then changed it to "Ready to end her career at the end of 2017"
  10. Why do y'all think BFG is Gail's last match? She's retiring at the end of the year and they have tapings after BFG
  11. At one point in my stan life I would've been mad about this but good luck to her in whatever she does outside of WWE.
  12. political discussions? wow, take me back to 2013 HB.
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