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  1. It really is beautiful to see a sisterhood of women coming together to support someone after such a tragedy. I got teary-eyed seeing all of the women from Ashley's generation of Divas leaving messages for her daughter, as well as the women that came after supporting by donating and spreading the link to the page to their followers.
  2. Welp. Goodnight everyone. I would say see ya next week, but after tonight, it is very unlikely.
  3. The long term build to Travis vs Fox is just amazing. Ugh. WWE did that.
  4. Yess bitch Wrestlemania storyline incoming
  5. Wait Migos is performing WHAT at the nick kid's choice awards?
  6. This show is literally putting me to sleep. Road to Wrestlemania huh?
  7. aslfks;l Nobody meaner than Tamina. Who thought of that shit
  8. Could y'all imagine a division with Beth, Mickie, Alicia, Nattie, Michelle and even Maria as the cute career jobber in this current day? Whew. I'm salivating at the thought.
  9. Shit the Women's Division was so strong a decade ago. I'm so happy to see a lot of the ladies back. Just wish they were better integrated into the division instead of remaining seated in catering.
  10. To those thirsting after Gable, have y'all seen his face?
  11. LMAOOOO what a sad note to end a career on. BARON CORBIN!?
  12. So what's that plug.dj like chat website and when are y'all gathering again?
  13. She's giving me Kim Zolciak.
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