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  1. Or, Ronda wins at SummerSlam, either Becky or Charlotte win at SummerSlam, Shayna retains at Takeover, and we have a faceoff between the two groups.
  2. It's not about the hardcore fans, but the casual audience that they need to win back. Fox and USA didn't pay all that money for the ratings Raw got in mid July. Fox, especially, is going to be pretty demanding. And yes, the casual fans are hyped. The neckbeards among the smarks may not be, but they'll stick around through anything, so it's a win win for WWE. And even the smarks have said they'd MUCH rather have Ronda vs Becky in a Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series than Alexa vs Carmella. Carmella's title run hasn't exactly been popular with the smark crowd.
  3. You said that this should have been in ER. That's generally not where we discuss things that are, specifically, storyline related, therefore suggesting that you were unaware about why the Horsewomen factions have been calling each other out.
  4. It's building a storyline. The two Horsewomen factions have been calling each other out since May.
  5. Yeah, they worked the cage. https://youtu.be/QugekEnc2D8
  6. 2005 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxwvfr 2016 Always thought that 2005 match was underrated.
  7. It'd just likely be a 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen Wrestlemania match. If this is what it takes to force Kevin Dunn to back off from wrecking the division, then I'm all for it.
  8. Of course, we should remember how, a couple of weeks back, the dirtsheets were reporting that Becky would be out for weeks, and she worked that weekend's house shows and the next week's Smackdown. Also, a lot of factors make nothing a sure thing. There's the concern that Alexa's skills aren't where they need to be. If the 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen thing happens, that would affect how Bayley and Sasha are booked. Plus, we know Nikki is returning soon, but we don't know which brand. Of course, it's not like they'd have her return by just tossing her into a SummerSlam match at th
  9. But Nia should be. The Queen of Spades is coming for her spot. Shayna vs Nikki, Shayna vs Sasha, Shayna vs Bayley, Shayna vs Asuka... Better matches than what Nia is capable of.
  10. And some of those moves which should translate nicely to a wrestling ring... A monster heel that is a submission specialist instead of just using size and power to run over people would be refreshing.
  11. That's apparently pretty close to the truth. I hope Alexa was just being in character, but she said she had a chip on her shoulder because Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley invited Becky into their club and not her, even though she was there before Becky... http://wrestling-edge.com/alexa-bliss-talks-four-horsewomen-snub/
  12. I think Nia has just blown her push. She was already seen as sloppy and not skilled enough. I don't see them risking putting Alexa on the shelf, too. Emma will get a push when Kevin Dunn is kept away from the division.
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