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  1. After some teasing by members of the cast, the official title along with some images have been revealed:
  2. I would like to be entered into the pool.
  3. The evening was a success, if I do say so myself, and the person who in the end walked out the winner of Shoaib's Fabulous Heartbreakers Holiday Game Night was... See the full summary of what went down, including all the private voting, below. -Congratulations! As the winner, you will receive the grand prize of 250 likes! In addition, the group banked a total of 25 likes for the prize pot in The Weakest Link, which brings your final winnings up to 275. Congratulations are also due to our runner-up! You played amazingly too and as second place, you will receive the prize o
  4. You should be hehe, but let's start getting in now y'all! The link is in the first post and my post a few posts up.
  5. It's going down tonight! See you in the Heartbreakers Discord at 7
  6. And that faith wasn't misplaced! Not entirely anyway. I didn't LOVE it like I hoped I would, but I liked it and the timing of when it was released worked out because it's the type of fun and hopeful thing that was needed not only this time of year but in general imo. I wouldn't be shocked if some of my opinions change upon a rewatch down the line but one thing I don't think I'll budge on is that I enjoyed all the 80s-ness of it that seems to be a common criticism and I didn't feel it compromised the vision at all. The entire plot was just very 80s in general and even more something
  7. I've decided on the date and time to be Wednesday December 30, 2020 at 7:30PM EST (we can start gathering at 7 and start earlier if we have everyone). I hope to see everyone there, however if for whatever reason you can't attend, do remember to let me know please! Sign ups are also still open and will be until the day of so if anyone else would like to take part, there's still time. Until then, hope you have an enjoyable Christmas! @Captain Fox @Jake @Don Draper @Kat @Mariah. @Gavin @Eric @Twisted Bliss @Leigh @Katy @LIVin the Riott @Michael Psyches @Erin @Angelic
  8. I was informed most of you have other commitments on Tuesday and Thursday nights
  9. I think what I'm most excited about is the bright nostalgic feel of it being set in the 80s and seemingly taking inspiration from superhero media of that time but that time in general. I don't want it to be too light in tone but I do want it to be fun, campy, as feminine as it desires but actually taken seriously and still feel epic. I have faith!
  10. People talking like this is egg on Crisp Rat's face when it's probably a PR move to save face since it's his likeness being seen on every outlet reporting this even though this comics version of the character had to be stuck on a foreign planet for over a decade to come to this
  11. If you'd like to sign up, copy and paste the updated list with your name and number added: 1.
  12. 2020, the DREADFUL year it's been, is finally coming to a close which also means the holiday season is upon us. Usually this would be when we host our annual Secret Santa but for this year, I thought I'd lift the burden of having to come up with a gift since we've been through a lot. Instead, a distraction and a chance to blow off some steam in the form of... The event will take place in the official Heartbreakers Discord channel linked below in about two weeks time (date and time TBA) and there WILL be prizes on the line in the form of likes for those who genuinely participate. So
  13. I can't WAIT for Ms. Marvel, I'm so fucking excited 😭 Otherwise, I'm interested in a good bunch of MCU projects but besides WandaVision they won't be until towards the end of next year. Late 2021 through to late 2022 will be my time!
  14. It's tricky so I can't say if it's the right call but I do feel like if the character is being retired while the MCU is still sure to go on for years and years, it doesn't really feel like honouring as much as it does going the safe route and not having to explore even more stories T'Challa specifically is in and the impact they can have. It could end up feeling like he's left behind. Black kids def don't need to see their hero disappear as quick as he was introduced and IDK if it's as simple as "the mantle can just be passed to another character."
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