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  1. After 14 years Layla’s rare unreleased theme Rave has been released I’m still stanning! :excited:

    1. Christon


      My prayers have been answered :laycry:

  2. He needs to permanently wear pants. Gross ass tattoos.
  3. The Like/Dislike ratio Soooooo he’s only into Asians because his first BF was Asian and they vibe well? He’s only into their culture? The interviewer even worse drooling over these cracked face junkie looking white men and trying to justify it (except for Hugh Jackman ❤️ him). I’ll give Darren the SLIGHT benefit of the doubt because the interviewer hijacked the discussion instead of beating it out of Darren about what he meant. I’m still gonna side eye him hard as fuck because gay men of color like him and the interviewer are so toxic and annoying. Self hating bastards.
  4. The new patch screwed up the sweat mechanic. At least on the PS4.
  5. Gonna download it when I get off work. I hope they fix that glitch when you have a 3 team entrance (The Lucha House Party for example) come into the ring and their opponents don’t move out of the way; so they’re basically clipping into each other. I like the effort of them not always leaving the ring but yeah.
  6. Why can’t they separate the superstars by brands on the selection screen? It shouldn’t be just Male/Female/Cruiser/etc.
  7. Dolph’s ponytail is so glitchy lmao! This game is utter trash. I will say the motion blur and the character models when they get sweaty are nice.
  8. Anyone still play GTA V online?
  9. So....Torrie didn’t sign one of these contracts? She should have been front and center.
  10. This whole situation is legit messy af and there’s literally no info which makes it even worse.
  11. How do this alcoholic still have a license?
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