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  1. Arch that back in front of the Raw Women’s title replica until I call on you sir And great for you, but I’m talking ass here. And I reserve my knowledge of football tight ends over projections of gays with Instagram accounts
  2. y’all be loud as shit but with no pics of your own. anTyways, king! bring julian edelman next since the pats dynasty is over
  3. The Raw division has been shackled to the anchor that is Becky's title reign for the past six months, so I guess I can't be too shocked that another main event was wasted and more women were clowned for the sake of her getting a 'hot' program with a Ronda surrogate. Looking forward to what the SmackDown women have to offer at 'Mania.
  4. Becky has been champ for a year filled with mediocre matches with anyone not named Sasha Banks and her stans are still saying she’s being held back. Huh??
  5. He’s scary looking so it works. This season will jump the shark as always but having Sarah, Kathy and Evan back might help it remain watchable. Legend Rabe being main cast
  6. I’m so sick of these motherfuckers owning all of entertainment yet still being so ass backwards on everything. I need a scandal and a coup yesterday
  7. Every single day I relate more and more to Maryse shooing the cameraman out of her way before removing her jacket dramatically

  8. The Avengers is not the franchise I would pluck actors from for a Little Shop of Horrors remake. Taron and Billy will do well if they sign on.
  9. I actually love the look of the Batsuit as is. It looks so much more modern/tactical as compared to that cyborg shit they had Affleck in. Batman is not Iron Man
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