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  1. Some of y'all are gonna be mad at me... but it must be said. Natalya birthed most of your faves. And that's just a fact... :stephanie:

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    2. Empress Sam
    3. Jeigz
    4. Angelic


      I would hope nobody got mad. Well those that this apply to that is. My favs can't relate (except the Bellas).


  2. Natalya is the greatest technical women's wrestler ever.

    1. Christon


      Gail King will see you in court.

    2. Qwan™


      I mean I’ll take Molly and Michelle over her any day, but that’s my preference. :momriah:

  3. post more fat, i didn't make that avi for nothing :shook:

  4. Girl when he face planted that mat? That ass was POPPING
  5. baron corbin does something to me... girl
  6. poor superstars being treated like 2010 women
  7. Selene Gallio Reason For Move: Business & Pleasure (Though she's a Villian) City You're Moving To: Gotham Backstory: The beautiful, egotistical, and extremely narcissistic beaut, Selene Gallio, was born of two powerful titans, Hyperion and Theia. Strong in manipulation, though weak to remorse of a broken heart. The Black Queen is strong-willed and very narrow minded, never holding her tongue for anyone and with her fire cracker attitude you're sure to be in for a ride of hell. Taking the souls of innocent civilians using her sorceress and mutant abilities is only one of her
  8. So cute hehe.. from the looks of it you have clearly you've made your mark around here.
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