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  1. Dang! Happy Birthday, HB... Kind of fee like a less than part time, part timer...but I check the site pretty often so there's that! Glad I stuck around to see how everyone has changed (or not) and have kept some of the cool connections from here.
  2. I agree -- she's just too sweet and is willing to literally take any story they give her. It breaks my heart.
  3. Yeah, I'm just not into giving Charlotte yet another title reign when most of the girls haven't even had their first reign let alone beyond that. I didn't watch this week simply because I'm not a fan of needlessly giving her a lot of spotlight and I LIKE Charlotte.
  4. Begs the question why Jinder is even still in the company--he's not stellar and he's starting to gross me out visually on top of being sloppy. *sigh*
  5. and not a short shitshow -- something GOOD. If they insist on giving her a shitshow then they need to put that belt on her 2 more times.
  6. Trish only has 39. Nattie has 40. I believe they are counting one of her dark matches.
  7. Plus it does not make these women any less incredible as women or wrestlers, imo. It's kind of shitty that their private videos and pics are being displayed without their permission -- it's invasive. Sad.
  8. Guys, the photos are all on this celebrity jihad thing -- and Summer is in there and there are definitely not fake ones especially when the phone is the same in most of the pics and she has the same outfit on in multiple pics. Plus the abs are the same in the clothed images vs boob pics. They aren't done releasing images and won't say who is next but the list is growing. Melina, Maria, Victoria, Summer, Paige, Kaitlyn...list is growing. I feel bad for these girls, though, most of the images are well over 2 years old AND were definitely not meant for everyone to see
  9. I would LOVE to see Nattie win this -- she has worked SO hard and deserves that elusive 2nd reign. With Naomi out for a bit I think Nattie truly deserves this one.
  10. Oh my gosh! Yeah, my primary job is 55 hours a week and the independent sales is anytime I have free time -- plus I'm working on clearing up my credit, trying to be more social, and make repairs to my condo (that I'm only renting) haha...No freaking time. I so don't want to get us all in trouble for going hardcore off topic though!
  11. How did TNA fall for that anyway? She is a full year younger than I am yet looks at least 3 years older...
  12. Super late but congrats @Shoaib.!!!!
  13. I've been super, crazy busy with work (a full time job and a part time venture in independent sales) and trying to redo a social life! lol aka I haven't slept good for weeks! ;) Hai hai
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