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  1. You haven't posted in a while.  I hope everything is well - God bless you.

  2. I think that we should just overlook the fact that it was ignored for so long for the time being. Now everyone should just rally together to support Kesha and pressure Sony and Dr. Luke to release Kesha. Yeah I definitely think Sony will pressure Dr. Luke to release her.
  3. That candid of Kesha crying when she heard the decision was such a PIVOTAL moment. I think that image was the turning point where major media outlets started reporting and taking her side.
  4. I can see what you're saying, and I agree when imaging how my mom would handle this. I'm glad Kesha's mom is supporting her unconditionally now. She might lose the case, but I think Kesha will change the music industry, and she may end up winning in the end with the amount of bad press Sony and Dr. Luke are garnering.
  5. And Columbia for established acts
  6. Yeah, that's Luke. She looks so uncomfortable.
  7. I'm glad that this is going viral on social media. Hopefully this will make parents realize the dangers of allowing their children from pursuing a binding relationship so early on. He probably takes most of her earnings, and having him hover over her must kill her inside. It's sickening! Remember when reports came out around the release of Self-Titled that Sony tried to get Bey to sign a 360 deal? Bey dragging Sony and every other label on Ghost/Haunted and saying NOPE.
  8. No! She needs to stop chasing these of-the-moment hitmakers like that rat Diplo and call Max.
  9. I want Madonna to work with Max Martin to create the ultimate pop anthem. No one would be safe
  10. She looks miserable I wonder how long she has felt this way
  11. Didn't Max Martin birth Dr. Luke
  12. I don't even understand how celebrity net worth websites list Kesha as having $40 million after reading about the details of her contract. This case and the one JoJo recently won need to set a precedent on the types of contracts the industry is allowed to draw up. Slavery is illegal.
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