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  1. In my ideal scenario Sasha goes to SmackDown but they give her a bit of time off to get her head together. Becky drops the belt back to Asuka, who goes on to feud with Sonya until heel Sasha returns and mixes it up with them. Sasha annoys me but she’s too talented for them to lose her and I feel like a heel turn would satisfy her.
  2. I legit gasped when that bell rang. And I don’t mean the way we jokingly say we gasped, I genuinely gasped. I have no idea why they have done this. I’m thinking about it as many different ways as I can, and I just have no idea. Did they do it in order to have both titles in the main event to remove any image that the Raw one is superior? That’s the only logical answer I can think of.
  3. I’ve never seen an actual tv version of this before? I thought the only footage was from the live audience since it got cut? edit: nvm this was the tease from the week before. I’m a bad Kaitlyn stan not instantly remembering what gears she wore every week 7 years ago
  4. She gets poked fun of a lot on this site and straight up destroyed on mainstream forums and sites, but I will always be a huge fan of this woman. She’s not amazing in the ring, but she’s solid, does amazingly when it matters in the big matches and most importantly she’s so safe and giving with other workers, never injured a single person which is so impressive given the style she works. Not many other powerhouses can say that. She might be a lifetime jobber, and people might make fun of her for that, but the reason she’s spent her entire career jobbing was for the benefit of your faves an
  5. Anyway, it was cool to see Beth and Nattie together again. There’s no way WWE will refer to them as Divas of Doom this time around since they’ve completely killed the Diva brand and don’t even refer to the Diva’s Championship by its name. I think they’ll go by Pin Up Strong again. They may even have Lacey join them under that name, the way Kaitlyn was supposed to, to keep the team going in the tag division when Beth goes back to retirement. And I’m interested to see where the Mandy/Sonya dissension goes, especially if it leads to Sonya challenging Asuka next.
  6. Becky Lynch irl must be fucking furious right now. Like her or not, she was legit the hottest thing in the entire industry just a matter of weeks ago and WWE have (literally and figuratively) cut her off at the knees. Becky’s rise to the top was so natural and felt organic and now Creative have killed almost every bit of heat she had. If they were so dead set on going with this stupid injury angle they should have kept Becky off tv for a few weeks to recover and let the fans actually miss her, instead she’s been limping down that ramp on every show and it’s benefiting no one. WWE are fuck
  7. https://twitter.com/PeytonRoyceWWE/status/1103091633426518016 Peyton and Billie giving a match that doesn’t exist better booking and story than Asuka and Mandy’s.
  8. https://www.clippituser.tv/c/nqbyzn Becky is not gonna be popular with Vince! “I will fucking rip your fucking arm off” Is this the first f bomb in WWE history?
  9. This is leading to Sonya getting the belt at Mania. It'll be a publicity stunt for Total Divas, first openly LGBT woman to be champion, but I'll take Sonya getting a spotlight anyway I can.
  10. I know this is all about Chyna (and rightfully so) but I would like to see Tori included in this induction. She was a big part of DX for a long time and was one of my favourites as a kid, this was probably her only chance at an induction.
  11. I take and understand your point, I just disagree. I think the six girls I named gained more being involved in that match tonight than they would have from a series of tag team matches. They’ve been doing tag team matches on a loop for years and gotten no recognition. I think tonight they got recognition. The “mainstream” wrestling outlets, Twitter and Reddit are raving about the midcard girls. Yeah, it doesn’t mean anything really, but it’s nice to see praise on these girls for a change.
  12. Yeah heaven forbid the undercard girls get a chance to shine, and they fucking smashed it tonight. The girls you listed have nothing to gain from this stip, whereas Peyton, Billie, Sarah, Liv, Mandy and Sonya all looked like stars tonight and have probably gained a lot of well-needed respect from the people that matter backstage tonight. But okay. Charlotte.
  13. Don't wanna quote this again because Baron is hot and could get it, but this 100% looks like that guy in the crowd's lips have been removed and photoshopped onto Baron's body
  14. They truly are this generation's Laycool. Peyton already serving Layla's doppelganger, just need Billie to get some cheap blonde clip-in bangs and keep booting bitches' faces.
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