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  1. I'm so sick of this franchise. I just want to watch The Eternals. 😭
  2. I’m excited for it. Certainly looks better than the shit that they put out.
  3. Adam Scott making last year’s list. I want people banned.
  4. The fact that Nolan is complaining when TENET is the reason why they are doing this. They released that movie and it FLOPPED. Now why would any studio sit on 17 movies for a year just to sit on the gamble that people are going to be running back to theaters where 1)it might be unsafe and 2)the ticket prices will rise because theaters are going to want to recoup their losses. The cinema experience was already on track to go away in the next decade, this pandemic just fast tracked it. People complaining need to get over it or do pull a tidal and see how far that gets them.
  5. We have two villains and we still don’t know who Tom Holland’s Spidey Villain is suppose to be. This movie is finna to be messy.
  6. Probably the best wrestler produce baby name to ever drop. Becky did good.
  7. You can stream the concert until Sunday. https://www.live-now.com/en-int/page/dua-lipa-livenow
  8. African queen. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/charlize-theron-inks-first-look-tv-deal-with-hbo-hbo-max-exclusive
  9. The only positive LGBT people to come out of the those Fox X-Men films. I'm so happy that he got to a point where he felt comfortable enough to speak his truth and in a Hollywood he help craft to be more inclusive for LGBT people. 👏
  10. Thank God they got new writers because the one from before weren’t that great. And the fact that they are women means the jokes will be cuter hopefully.
  11. Has anyone else’s Twitter ads seen an increase in Undertaker related ads. I had to block the battlegrounds account and then I got ads about a Snoop Dogg/Taker T-shirt.
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