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  1. With the Multiverse about to be ripped open, we'll probably see him in either flashbacks or from an alternate universe. I can't imagine them bringing back the same Cap they just wrapped a decade-long arc for.
  2. I stayed up to watch this a few night ago, but for anyone who hasn't seen it they shared a short clip on Jimmy Kimmel. The 'Bewitched' homage episode is going to be so cute.
  3. I imagine they're doing this as a prelude to the show. Only 8 days.
  4. Based on all the reports on the different iterations of Spider-Man making an appearance and the scheduled lineup of Phase 4's films, it looks like this movie is going to be a direct consequence of the events that will be unfolding in WandaVision. I'm gonna need another J.K. Simmons appearance as JJJ.
  5. I bought this game knowing it wasn't going to be great because there hasn't been a big superhero game since Arkham Knight in 2015. I will say the campaign storyline has some cute elements. The combat system is okay. Definitely not terribly exciting, but not bad. But there are way too many weaknesses for a game that was in development for 5 years. - Linear game maps. In this era of gaming, I feel like open world is the standard. We've had games like the Arkham series, which saw progressively larger open-world maps that you could explore at your leisure and both installments of Spider-Man.
  6. I suppose it could've been worse given this is the first time we've seen her in live action. Her montrals definitely needed to be longer (they seem to grow longer with age?), but other than that I think she looked fine. The lightsabers looked cheap to me somehow, though. I can't really explain it.
  7. There's no reason they couldn't still have done that storyline after Kharma debuted. We got news of her signing in, what, December/January of 2010/2011? And they were going to burn through all those girls in 2-3 months while setting the stage for Beth to come in for Mania? They could've had her take the title from Brie after debuting at ER and running through the roster through fall/winter until Mania season 2012. I get mad when I think about her run because we probably could have had the equivalent to the revolution 4 years sooner had Kharma gotten an actual run and had these feuds to pr
  8. They snapped. The glow-up from season one to now is immaculate.
  9. Why did I think he had died? Anyways, this is a super cute addition. I can't wait for season 4. It's kinda crazy how in the down time between seasons I tend to forget about this show but then as soon as the new one drops, I'm HOOKED.
  10. Mark Hamill's Twitter mentions are RIFE with men who swear to be huge fans of Star Wars but criticize Mark being critical of fascism. Like... How did y'all watch a 9-movie franchise and miss the entire point? I know they all failed English in school.
  11. The way she's only had a collective ~30 minutes of screen time in the past 5 years but is easily the most developed woman character in the MCU and her character isn't even close to peaking yet. I just hope they do right by her in Phase 4.
  12. Wasn't this pretty much supposed to be a GOTG/Thor collab? Anyways, they can keep it. The Guardians movies weren't for me, and Ragnarok was the only Thor movie I could make it through.
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