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  1. I mean the story could've still go without Michelle, she did her part by putting her over after her last match anyway. Is he saying she had the kind of pull to stop other gals bags even when she left the company? đź’€ Shit didn't matter anyway, clearly they were gonna do something with Kia, then she got pregnant. The site should also be thankful because some of its faves got to enjoy the spot light: Layla, AJ Lee and Heel Eve.
  2. Lana going full Luigi wins by doing nothing, i literally paid the network subscription but i can't be mad, Peyton pinned Bayley.
  3. These fucking streams are trash, i don't want to join the network but damn.
  4. My stream is so ugly i couldn't watch shit from that match
  5. The site looks so cute!

  6. I was happy to see that. Still rooting for SD.
  7. The fact that i dont remember shit about Bayley's reign other than Nikki being #1 Contender like four times.
  8. Why is the ref saying "its your cousin" sending me
  9. She probably got concussed, either that or she got screwed and was done with everything.
  10. I feel like that was a work but a botched one?
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