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  1. The briefcase should go to Sasha who cashes in on Bayley and that is THAT.
  2. I hear AEW is hiring?
  3. Also how did Nikki Cross manage to become a 2-time champion before a lot of other girls? Tag titles or otherwise!
  4. Alexa is a 7-time champion now. And she’s just behind Charlotte with accolades at this point.
  5. Summerslam better serve Wrestlemania this year tbh. I need the stage, the emotion, the feuds and the crowd.
  6. Four years later and still makes no sense. And then the hot potato shot they did in the summer after just made it worse Even at the beginning they just wanted to bump up Charlottes title stats! She left a 2x champion that night and nobody wanted it.
  7. She’s better now than she was then. She shouldn’t have been near the title when she was feuding with Becky tbh but in the long run I think it did help her grow as a performer at the same time.
  8. Lowkey glad she didn’t win. The way I panicked when the final two was her and Bayley.
  9. Charlotte has 3 wins at WM, Becky has 2 wins and after tonight so does Bayley. Sasha has had 5 matches and 5 losses.
  10. They had Naomi and Sasha both ready for a title run and they chose for Bayley to retain..girl whut!?
  11. Alexa is her own entity at this point. Bayley is still getting pushed because of her association with the 4HW. Otherwise she would’ve been gone long ago and anybody could be in her position she just happened to be there.
  12. She’s lucky she was pushed along with Becky, Charlotte and Sasha tbh. If it wasn’t for the four horsewomen schtick, homegirl would have been over YEARS ago.
  13. Wait what? Is this elimination??
  14. Exactly. When they needed a new star for the division they chose Kaitlyn, then Paige and then passed her in favour of the 4HW. If they didn’t create a second title she probably would’ve never gotten her due which is a joke in itself
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