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  1. Stephen Jake Don Draper Kat Mariah Gavin Eric Kemare Leigh Katy LIVin The Riott Michael
  2. Girl you were already talking about how long into Ms. Marvel you were going to bail, let's not pretend. They knew they needed to do more.
  3. @Rainbow Heart Marvel heard you talking all that shit and specifically hired one of your faves to make you watch
  4. I just knew the first post would be you with a Buffy comment gethyukighryj. It sounds interesting though, I'll give it the three episode test. Hopefully it hooks me.
  5. Oop, she has a really good look. WWE likely wouldn't have done much with her, so hopefully this turns out to be for the better. Doubtful, I don't trust AEW (especially with women), but I hope for the best.
  6. Guess this was a good time for me to come back
  7. Not it happening in her debut. A mess.
  8. I was held up by a sudden family visit, so this is delayed, but welcome to the winner's circle @Leigh! Congrats to all of the finalists really, I was very happy with who was still around. All three of you did great, I'm glad we FINALLY got a final 3 without any obvious filler. Good job to Sho for keeping this going in spite of all the setbacks and doing it so well, and a big thank you to the players. Most of you did great and helped create some really fun, memorable moments.
  9. Sis. There weren't even 7 people on the tribe to start.
  10. Flareon's been my fave since childhood, so I kind of have to choose him, but I also really love Leafeon and Vaporeon. Tbh the only hard no is Jolteon.
  11. Oop, this might be interesting. I don't follow too many shows right now, maybe I'll give this a try when it starts.
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