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  1. The little girl yawning at becky's entrance lmao
  2. Velvet screaming I love Taco Tuesday is honestly iconic
  3. the snubbing of the true iconic theme of our generation though, I remember 11 year old me being shook when Mickie came out to this bop for the first time
  4. 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - HM: Dawn Marie - Phat Props/Hammer Jammer, Amy/Lena/Carmella - BodyTalk, Liv Morgan - Bad Feelin, Ashley - Bleed Suckers and Rosa - Peligrosa
  5. I'm screaming at how Danielle who was only in top 30 of Tough Enough debuted and Sara got the papers handed to her
  6. Alexa Bliss - 33 Alicia Fox - 50 Brie Bella - 45 Eva Marie - 35 Nikki Bella - 45
  7. I'm screaming at Kong literally putting Taco Bell on blast!
  8. Alexa vs Becky confirmed for No Mercy on Talking Smack
  9. Alexa putting the Four Horsewomen on notice on Talking Smack!
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