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  1. Quit Playing Games (Pair of Hearts) - A Pre-Taped Outdoor Performance [Hazelnut] Ma-ri-ah. Ohhh. [Hazelnut] You ignored my PMs. Now I see. You really must not uuuuse me. Deep within in ER. It must mean. Those reads should be taken seriously. Sometimes I wish I could. Be your friend. Impossible as it may seem. But I wish I could. So bad. I’ll praise A.Jaaaaaay? Hazelnut: Quit playing games. Pair of hearts. Matias/Jhonmarco: (Quit playing games, pair of hearts.) Hazelnut: Pair of hearts. Matias/Jhonmarco: (I wann
  2. Hazelnut

    Rosa Mendes

    Better not make it even worse.
  3. Pre-Show Match: The Usos vs Los Matadores vs Real Americans vs Rybaxel Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship Match Winners- The Usos Outcome- Pinfall Who will get the win?- Jey Uso Who will get the loss?- Jack Swagger Interference?- Yes Zeb Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Winner- Alexander Rusev Who will be eliminated first?- Heath Slater Who will be eliminated last?- Big Show Interference- No Divas Championship Match: Vickie Guerrero's Divas Championship Invitational Winner- AJ Lee Outcome- Pinfall Who will be pinned?- Naomi Interference?- No The Shiel
  4. I stayed up all night for WM 24. I was 13, and with the timezones and all, it obviously was past my bedtime so I didn't dare check the computer incase I got caught. So I waited and waited, I killed time reading comics and doing other random stuff, and as soon as it was light, I ran down the stairs and checked the results.. and was tired at school all day and slept in class, and woke up with the entire class, with the teacher in the lead standing infront of my table. I will never hear the end of it. Everyone remembers that.
  5. I don't want AJ to turn face right away. They need more build-up. I'd like to see a more aggressive side of AJ following her loss.
  6. Oh yes! That looks like a good color, hopefully Brie will be in the same one. Eva is going to be in blue, Rosa in gold, and I think Layla will be in black. Ugh I wanna see the all attires now.
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