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  1. Yep, she was on one of the major sports stations here in Canada --- The Score --- so she's very experienced and loves the WWE. I always liked her. How irrelevant. I should warn you
  2. Yes, girl! Share your wealth with Jealousmarco
  3. I really love Paige, Summer and Sasha and I'm loving their direction. In other news, they should use my Canadian gal Renee on the main roster backstage; the successor to Lilian Garcia and Mike McGuirk.
  4. Yep. The IWC is ablaze right now with speculation
  5. Had he stayed on the right path, he would be the face of the WWE right now. He was destroying Cena in merchandise like no one ever could
  6. Jeff Hardy's contract with TNA expires soon. I'm starting to become overwhelmed with anxiety. Will he, won't he? Is this a sign?
  7. Totally agree. I always figured the plan for strapping Kaitlyn on to DOD, was to have Natalya turn face some time after, to feud with Beth, and make Kaitlyn the new sidekick and jobber to whichever face Diva they took on. If I'm correct with my timing, AJ was put into the romance angle with Daniel Bryan just a few weeks afterwards, so AJ's role wouldn't have been affected at all. Maybe AJ and Daniel would have been pushed back until after AJ had a mini-feud with DOD. In fact, maybe AJ would have been DOD's foil and won the title.
  8. We don't get Ion in Canadia, so I wouldn't know I agree and I'm sure if WWE continued to flesh out proper programming week after week and move to a real network, viewership would pick up. Main Event could very well become what Smackdown was in 2010, until WWE ruined it as they always do.
  9. I'm not that big of a Kelly fan, but the woman I am a fan of is Barbara Blank. I feel like we'd just hit it off if we met. I adore her
  10. Mariah.


    Her and Naomi should remain a tandem for as long as they can keep it fresh, otherwise she'll likely flounder and flop.
  11. Yeah, I thought about that. But what can we expect when the show airs on Ion? What the hell is Ion anyway? What shows do they air?
  12. I read that WWE is planning on making the IC title picture a major part of Main Event, so after seeing how great this week was, I thought it could be a cool idea to have the Divas title be the focus on ME as well and leave Raw with the more character and storyline driven stuff. It could benefit the division a lot.
  13. That's my point. It would give her room to fine tune and evolve. Molly Holly was once a spot monkey who the other girls couldn't keep up with, and she evolved into arguably the greatest female in-ring performer ever.
  14. Her wrestling style would probably be sick as a heel if she honed in. Imagine Naomi and Cameron as a heel tandem.
  15. Yeah, you heard genuine sounds of shock and amazement while Naomi was performing.
  16. Aksana is actually a more entertaining heel jobber than I thought. Rosa has been formally replaced
  17. Naomi was turned all the way up and the crowd loved it! OMG, I need her to get a push WWE And death at the stream having a bit of a tantrum.
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