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  1. Welcome everyone to the next step in Heartbreakers’ evolution. It’s definitely been noticed by staff that the site has been slow these days, due to the decreasing popularity of forums. So, as part of our plan to adapt to the times and keep Heartbreakers’ head above water, we’ve decided to integrate Discord as a major part of our new initiative. Here you’ll find all of your favorite members chatting in real time, about all the HB movie news, TV news, live events and so much more. There’ll be games, efeds, countdowns, movie nights, live chats, GIFs and everything you’ve come to love about
  2. this your man girl? I mean, I guess I'm happy for you!
  3. Chile just give me my R-Battz and maybe a Batman Beyond with Keaton, idc about this universe shit no more
  4. Yeah, the very first thing that jumped out at me was how much I missed the theatrical experience. From a visual standpoint, the movie was near perfect. The bright colors, the wide shots, THEMYSCIRA. It was stunning. The negatives for me were the problematic moments mentioned (I too cringed at the moment when she saved the kids on the road given Gal's history...), I thought it lacked action and probably could have done without several pointless conversations toward the middle to make space for more action, and I also didn't love the ending with Diana simply talking Maxwell out of his plan and h
  5. I think I'm the scene stealing supporting character who gets all the juicy storylines and the crazy shit happens to… https://t.co/wAGn13HnK6

  6. LMAO https://t.co/Id0nuvgDFe

  7. I'm still thinking about it

  8. Cupcakke ate Suki the fuck up, oh my GOODNESS....

  9. Thank God I saved that video of Lakeith Stanfield moaning on Clubhouse


  11. Yup. And I think the only reason they didn't wanna move it to Hulu as requested is because Disney+ is their star player and they knew Lizzie being anywhere but on there would take some of the attention away (even though they get the money regardless, just not as much since they don't TOTALLY own Hulu yet lol). They remain the worst.
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