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  1. Xbox One prices slashed
    Xbox One S - August 2016
    Xbox Scorpio - Holiday 2017

    1. Commander Kij098

      Commander Kij098

      I'll be snagging me an Xbox One S when it comes out.  Might get Rare Replay and WWE 2K16 while I wait for WWE 2K17.

  2. i like mods ooh yeah dig it
  3. It's not like he broke the streak and immediately left. That was 2 years ago and Brock's destroyed everyone since. I'm quite surprised this was worked into Brock's WWE contract. Maybe in return WWE are allowed to have Ronda Rousey wrestle a match while she's under a UFC contract?
  4. Goldberg is a pretty cool pre order bonus. He's only appeared once in 2K14 since HCTP. The WCW fans mostly request actual Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas so its cool they'll get them.
  5. Comic Con today!

  6. On Wrestling Observer Live it was said that SmackDown will likely be getting the women's division. If SmackDown gets the women's division and some/most of the guys like Owens, Styles, Zayn etc to be the main focus I could see it becoming a hybrid of Raw and NXT. Perhaps throughout the year guys like Finn, Joe, Nakamura and Aries will slowly make their way onto a brand and NXTs focus will be building up the performance center talent and those that rarely appear on NXT TV.
  7. I havent touched the single player of Uncharted since last Thursday, having too much fun online. I knew it was a legit leak, I've had my friends at Game check their release schedule every week. Fine with the release date, hopefully the Xbox One version has the 360 version of Arkham Origins as a pre order bonus. Or Microsoft adds it nearer to the release.
  8. Uncharted 4 = Perfection 

  9. I was never a fan of Mahal but I was quite surprised McIntyre went and Slater didn't. Drew was great and had so much potential. I enjoy Slater though. He makes his opponents look good when he's squashed and he's a good talker face or heel.
  10. Shame about Barrett but he wasn't renewing his contract and it ended next month anyway. Been one of my faves since the debut of Nexus. Easily could have been the first English world champion during Nexus and his Barrett Barrage run/feud with Orton on SmackDown. That injury before his planned MITB win cost him. As for Orton, he was removed from the Raw and SmackDown intros after WrestleMania so I thought he may have been considering retirement. If he's going, I would've thought he'd get a farewell on-screen. But perhaps he personally doesn't want that.
  11. Last part has me thinking Damien Sandow sadly. I could see any of Adam Rose, Cameron, Alex Riley, Hornswoggle, El Torito, Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton being apart of the releases. Perhaps Ryback too if they no longer want to continue contract negotiations. Hopefully Heath Slater isn't being considered, he's a great lower card heel.
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