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  1. Stephen Jake Don Draper Kat Mariah Gavin Eric
  2. Honestly I'm not sure what any of this means but as long as this doesn't affect "The Batman" set to hit theaters 2022 (God willing) then... 🌚
  3. OMG Congrats to them! WOWW! Roux is such a nice name honestly 😭
  4. Disney+ needs to follow and release Black Widow I mean no shade we know she already dead. What difference is it gonna make for this pre-end game movie anyway?
  5. The Batman still getting the theatrical release
  6. This is exactly why no one liked her ass plus Beth and Kharma would have out shined her final moments anyway.
  7. Still to this day I get so upset that Kia's run turned out the way it did. It's great that she never returned full time because at that time the momentum was dead and she would have never fully recovered. I knew the tea on a potential feud with Beth since Gail spilled years ago. The fact that would have been such a historical moment in women's wrestling history I have no doubt that they would have drawn numbers this would have probably been the start of the Women's Revolution. Whew! with Beth being a face at the time I knew she would have been super over with the crowd. 😭
  8. Honestly I have only watched the first movie and I didn't care enough to watch the second one. On the bright side he is doing well in the franchise so I guess that's good for something right?
  9. oop omg yes I would be so down for this please. 🤞🏽
  10. That's it girl deny! deny! deny it's going to be so interesting the new few months with this vaccine.
  11. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
  12. Honestly I barely remember any of her moments I know she's had a lot but..🌚
  13. oop and tea Weslee is someone to look out for lol she's a cute girl so I'm sure she's gonna go after a title at some point down the line.
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