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  1. Well I really like Torrie but after the Golden Goddess is gone, there is another underestimated diva in my top 3. in my list Torrie is 4th, perhaps she would have been higher if she wouldn't have mess with the nubian princess in wcw. You never gonna do this to Paisley, when she makes a sexy face to her fans but well Torrie learned it the hard way...
  2. thanks for the flowers. kiss by the nubian princess and the sexiest entrance in the history of wrestling. <3
  3. Haha,well good point. But it's a different thing when it's only written down or if you do it because of your elegance and beauty as a woman.
  4. thank you, @Dana Brooke. I was bewitched by this great woman, I think people should understand when they see gifs of her <3
  5. I mean she is the woman who makes gay guys straight, who else can do this? I think they just can't handle her power. #whenaguyisoverwhelmedbyawoman #beauty#sexiness#thepurpleprincess#class
  6. yeah but the queen and sexiest lady of wcw who dominated every woman in this league and made every man horny should have been in this Rumble.
  7. I don't like every blonde woman, for example this ugly faced blonde bimbo with too big fake boobs brings the hate in me... Major Gunns...
  8. yeah,my faves are only blonde white american women....
  9. I like blonde women with a beautiful face, but well about Taynaras face... you know... perhaps I should shut up.
  10. Why did this really have to happen? Hopefully other blonde queens will rock it.
  11. wow look by Taryn, soo sad she isn't on TNA or WWE anymore.
  12. Interesting but a bit surprised that Mandy is not even in your top 10.
  13. when the best is training,truly an inspiration #goldengoddess#sostrong
  14. she is just soo cool and sexy
  15. this woman is to beautiful and sexy for wrestling, I can't see it when she gets beaten in the ring. #sexinessoverload
  16. She is one of my faves behind the golden goddess,don't get the hate against her and she delivered a great speech and promo,hopefully she will crush Zelina.
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