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  1. Instead, I went back to the old stuff, which was graphically violent and often offensive, but directly engaged with the raw material of our lives. I watched Chyna, her muscles glistening, lifting the wrestler Ivory over her head as if she was made of feathers. I watched Austin square up against Bret Hart in a ferocious match that ends with Austin, his face smeared with blood, passing out rather than submitting. I watched the classic, brutal match between Mankind and the Undertaker, which plays out like a battle between man and death itself (the symbolism in wrestling is never subtle). While th
  2. Yass we stan for a Legendnora queen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Poison Ivory


    I'm a petty lamb.
  4. Poison Ivory


    She follows Trump and JLo.
  5. Poison Ivory


    Checked her IG, and she have a child. Give her a Legend's Contract, Vince!
  6. The original Glow is pretty lowbrow, right? La Diva Italiana Legend Moretti wrestled as Tina Ferrari there.
  7. If she really respects the business, she shoulda shoulda jobbed for Legend Moretti on Evolution.
  8. Props to her for her getting praise for her work and a Dutch dick.
  9. Do you guys think Cody is the little bitch who complained about McTaker vs Melina being too good?
  10. Legend Moretti never got injured when she was in her 40s. Just saying.
  11. Love this bitch. Her and Trish have a great chemistry.
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