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  1. because daddy Hunter a.k.a Triple H invented women's wrestling
  2. trash vile disgusting company, also fuck Kevin Dunn
  3. she gave us one of the most iconic Golden Era moments when she shaved her hair just to have a women's match on Wrestlemania. She truly hustled through bullshit backstage politics to make a better space for the women for that time and the one who came afterwords
  4. Melina is putting more entertainment for us than RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Impact and AEW do, so let's discuss about that
  5. Where's the news and the media? This used to be very active forum, what happen? Did the DC and Marvel payola kill off women's wrestling stans here? Recent threads used to be refreshed a lot, Top 5 most recent threads would all be a day old, now Top 5 most recent threads is 2 damn weeks old... are y'all depressed?
  6. I'm gonna stan Gigi, the new and improved Paige
  7. I was about to comment "gay icon" lmao, but what did he do? I am now curious about his dirt, spill all the tea y'all!
  8. oh... so that explains why Michelle and Beth hate each other till this day
  9. she deserved an Oscar for her role in Ocean's 8 so she definitely got me excited for this new role
  10. so that explains why McMahons love pushing her even when she is boring and unsafe worker. Republicans stick together, I guess.
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