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  1. legend better END askua then becky on smackdown
  2. people find any reason to hate on the horses i legit cannot believe though! mickie is legendary. Secure the HOF spot queen
  3. ugh i was in this exact type of relationship for three years. I had been manilpagted to think no one would ever love me again due to anxiety and it's so sad that it took me finally leaving to see how untrue that was. I hope Paige can get the help she needs, I understand how difficult it is to see these problems when you are blinded by the person but now almost a year away from the guy, it makes me sick what I let myself believe during that relationship.
  4. I'm legit terrified for what happens when this abusive fuck's mid life crisis is over and he drops her
  5. Char makes it so hard to hate her like
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