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  1. I'm not visually seeing her as Pam so she better SELL the fuck out of everything Pamela exuded. She was the 90's sexpot.
  2. So, will we be getting your presence this Holiday season?


  3. Your poison and influence still having impact. I gotta respect my bitch.
  4. Wowwww @ me really having to walk back that burnt meal drag during the Carmella wait argument. I'm kind of dark sided sometimes omg. @Angelic
  5. I at least could clock Jesse. Just wanted to make sure that campaign had legs to stand on. Let's also keep Miguel at a decent rank.
  6. That Dean STENCH returning. Such a beautiful new layout and no one to take out the trash.
  7. The way I can smell the T*m*thee nom coming in from oomf.
  8. It's the way we know what the rest looks like for me.
  9. His recent match on Dark was a mess but he's so pretty.
  10. Roman's new little CGI graphic being his whole body. Deserved.
  11. Peyton should've come back out and got it for this hair choice.
  12. The one time you don't get it. Just wait for tomorrow.
  13. At this stage we need smaller, quicker moves. Alexa, phone Gail King.
  14. I'm not getting the set up where Natalya looks dumb putting a Sharpshooter on someone not legal. Girl, the Veteran right?
  15. As long as we don't get a table spot. Kii, Bayley putting Peyton over with that elimination
  16. Well I'm glad it's not just me.
  17. She had her cool off period unlike some. At least they have someone actually built up to matter.
  18. Bayley got defaulted on for being the most over on the roster after the Champion. Everyone else is literally there from the draft and thassit.
  19. Well, if it makes you feel better he's Middle Eastern.
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