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  1. Alicia removed from the match, Naomi retiring after mania, ugh what a tragic mania :/
  2. Brooke, Casper Smart, Drake Bell, Lil Mama, Selita Ebanks and several other celebs are taping a new season of 'Champs vs. Stars' for MTV. Brooke and co. take on another team of retired athletes and celebs for the competition reality show. http://vevmo.com/forums/champs-vs-stars-season-3-spoilers
  3. The match was cute. Eliminations were rushed and I'm so happy for Nattie
  4. I'm so mad that my girlie Neda got evicted. First Cass and now Neda, two robbed legends. Anyways, Neda is still a jury member and Cassandra is at home watching the show. Both girls flopped but at least mine gets a vote!
  5. therealkurtangle : My 2 faves in wrestlingtoday. Mickey James too. So it's my 3 faves its on Gail's pic ????
  6. No Santana Garret? No Ivelisse Velez? No Cheerleader Melissa? SHABYE
  7. hope she's okay it's time to bring back kelly tbh
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