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  1. I mean who was on the SD roster when they debuted? Maryse, Michelle,Maria, Cherry, Victoria, Nattie,and Eve?
  2. I mean my point was obviously Bianca feels fresher as she is newer and not used as much. She’s not more charismatic however ms thing and she has yet to show out on Charlottes level if we’re being honest. She’s that girl but she’s not THE GIRL...yet.
  3. Not sure why this was needed. Charlotte has several years over the other two but anywhoooo
  4. I’d rather Bianca or Charlotte win but not Ms Rhea. She don’t excite me in the ring.
  5. Whew the NXT match is gonna SHIT! Add Bianca and that’s three powerhouse bitches. I love to see it.
  6. Good for them. Hope they have healthy babies. Nikkis having a boy. Mark my words. I hope her neck doesn’t give out from the straining.
  7. I mean she held all the titles and NXT is a third brand now. It’ll give some legitimacy to the new era of NXT.
  8. I just came here to say Wooooooo!!!!! Oh and the way Bianca knocked some sense into Beths head! She had ol girl leaking!
  9. Chelsea Greens reason https://youtu.be/rn3ISnNLJT0
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