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      jim johnSTAN snapped! cfoMess could never *natalya evil laugh*

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      She should return to this honestly :cry: I loved the piano and the laugh followed by the "yeah baby"  :shook:

  1. I thought he was sexy. But apparently he’s a Trump supporter(?) so whatever.
  2. These fat meninists coming for Carmella got me fucked up.

  3. ARIANE ANDREW After Ariane saves Sasha's number into her phone, she looks up at her with a dimpled grin to let her know once she was finished. A lot of people in town were going to be useful to her goal of completing her next book, but out of all of them, she could tell Sasha would be the most serviceable. She frowned a bit when she rushed to leave, but waved goodbye politely. She was hungry after all, so she didn't mind having time to herself to have the meal she planned on having in the first place. As she waited for the waiter to return, she noticed that Sasha had forgotten something i
  4. ARIANE ANDREW "Yeah, that makes sense... so all you have to do is try to dig up some dirt on him. If there is none to be found, then he's out of the question." Pursing her lips, Ariane finished off the rest of the warm liquid in her mug, eye contact never breaking with the young woman sitting across from her. Indirectly, she was urging Sasha to continue pursuing him as a suspect. But at the same time she didn't want to seem too controlling and overbearing. She sat the mug back down, manicured nails tapping the table meticulously. She thought a bit about the offer, and quickly decided that
  5. So bitch you're back and didn't PM me? Fake friend!

    Logan Von Erich

  6. ARIANE ANDREW "Working on an engine? I see... I guess I know who to call if mine ever fails!" she said half-jokingly, her suspicion that Sasha wasn't telling her the full story hidden behind the guise of humor. Ariane was pretty good with body language and correlating it with the true intention behind somebody's words. It was pretty obvious that Sasha's hand should have been burning right now -- she could hardly hold onto her on cup for that long without feeling pain. But she decided to let it go, and shifted her focus to the question she was asked. Her mind was jumped with a lot of thoug
  7. We'll miss you queen. This is why I don't watch wrestling anymore... all the legends keep retiring. First Eva, now Gail.
  8. ARIANE ANDREW Taking the map swiftly, Ariane looked at each of the locations. She spent a great deal of time scanning the map for the sake of her memory before setting it down in front of her. She was going to make sure to pay each of these location's a visit when she gets some spare time, and might even ask Sasha to tag along if she's up for it. She nods, expression showing a great deal of curiosity as the other woman spoke about the suspects of the case. She wasn't shocked when she mentioned that the boyfriend was a possibility. That's where everyone starts looking, because more time's
  9. ARIANE ANDREW Ariane follows Sasha over to the booth, making herself comfortable in the seat across from her. Taking her full cup of coffee, she takes a quick sip of the hot liquid before setting the mug back down on the table. "Yep, it's a deal," Ariane responds. She didn't even know where to start at far as questions go. There are multiple things she could ask. Who she think committed the crime is one of those things. She did have a list of suspects, but there has to be someone she's really suspicious of. Somebody that has proven themselves to be not just a suspect, but the suspect. "Ou
  10. ARIANE ANDREW She chuckles at her shocked response. This woman isn't the first, nor would she be the last to react in that manner during her stay in Full Sail. She bends down to pick up a piece of paper she had missed, and hands it off to her with a warm smile, flashing a pearly set of teeth. Usually when she meets a fan she likes to keep things short so she is able to get on with she was planning on doing, but she needs to speak with this woman for a while longer. That list looked a lot like a list of suspects, and someone with her knowledge of this crime could be useful. This was Sasha
  11. ARIANE ANDREW (i know this color is probably taken...someone help me after this scene thx) Ariane had just moved in a day ago, but she could already feel the creative juices flowing through her veins. The whole atmosphere of Full Sail was just perfect for inspiration for her novel, even past the fact that a murder had taken place not too long ago. Everyone she has spoken so far had a unique perspective, and an irreplaceable personality nothing like anybody else in town. There were a lot of things to do in town, each venue having a distinctive character of its own. In the Western side of F
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