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  1. They were together for an eternity. They should have figured this out a long time ago.
  2. Lana and Naomi isn’t even a random pairing especially considering all their history on smackdown. It’s them always wanting to mix the tag team champions with the women’s champion that ruins the dynamic of two separate divisions. It’s also aggy how Triple H only includes nxt in the division when the tag team champions include somebody he likes. Also Corey can shut up and keep it cute because most of the men’s teams literally consist of random pairings as well and he hasn’t said shit.
  3. I’d take his gay meat. Congrats to them though sis was pregnant for an eternity.
  4. Aliyah really is never leaving Nxt.
  5. Kyle really had a glow up to make me want him.
  6. The backlash match were Charlotte didn’t sell a single thing for her.
  7. I expect Tessa to get picked up once the heat dies down by Wwe.
  8. Oop not them already getting more tv time than others.
  9. More signees that wont ever make it to tv.
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