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  1. Everyone’s on discord and the only wrestling that gets talked about anymore is HBMania. Unfortunately.
  2. I’m tired of them hiring these talented girls that they won’t use. But we may be stanning Ms. Karissa Rivera.
  3. The main thing that’s killing the division is having singles fucking champions competing for the titles and winning the shits. The point of the damn tag division is for tag teams to find success in a place that the singles title picture wouldn’t allow them. Why the fuck are Sasha and Bianca competing for those titles, why did Asuka win the shits (just to give them to Charlotte, I know). Asuka didn’t even defend her title at ROYAL RUMBLE. Ruby/Liv and Mandy/Dana have gotten absolutely nowhere when they’re the most legitimate teams we have right now. Yet they’re irrelevant and get no kind o
  4. Congrats queen! And Erik. I’m so happy for them!
  5. The invite is in the original post of this thread babe. Note the “discord” that’s underlined towards the end.
  6. I forgot about this. Did my list even count? Shsy
  7. If you don’t stan Denali, you’re not doing drag!

  8. Um...”Priscilla Kelly” that sounds awfully familiar. Isn’t that vomit girl? Or was it diarrhea? Some nasty shit. That’s her??
  9. Cherry was good. She sold her timid underdog babyface character perfectly, and her wresting was great too. She doesn’t get enough credit and unfortunately is overlooked when people mention Divas of the past. I loved the entire aesthetic with the trio and her roller skates. That being said, as much as I wanted Cherry to get her retribution, I stanned Maryse from day 1 and I wanted her to win too. Peep her comical selling when Cherry was barely putting force behind her forearms. Maryse did well too but I’m glad she switched her attire up quick. And then added dope moves to her moveset like
  10. A part of the collection in fact. But thank you sis #SayYesToLove. Your day will come twin
  11. Who do you girlies think should win the RR? 

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    2. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      :perched:let me fix that prescription for you.

    3. Michael Psyches

      Michael Psyches

      Yeah, Bianca would be a cute choice, especially after her showing last year

    4. Angelic


      Oh wait, we’re rooting for Billiesus in this house too!

  12. This wasn’t my favorite Foxy era, but I loved the intensity and passion she had. It felt like she was still still finding who she was as a character, but she was still letting us all know that she’s coming and she means business. Her finally getting a chance to put the Women’s division on notice and declare her spot on top, as a CHAMPION is supposed to, and she couldn’t even enjoy it because sis got cancelled immediately. Shout out to Jillian because her wrestling was so good and she got so little credit. The intensity she had was crazy, she was legitimately wrestling like she was be
  13. First of all, change that graphic or photoshop R**da out. Secondly, why is your name in the title?
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    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      It loading slow, and me thinking this was Avril’s complicated at first. :culture:

    2. Angelic


      No ma’am, this Complicated is about me being the toxic one.

  15. Omgg wtf. His poor family, I’m so sorry
  16. Welcome lovely! Enjoy your stay!
  17. Charlotte looked so good. But chile leave it to Charlotte to leave then come back to becoming a Grand Slam champion the same night. I mean girl.... Mella snapped. Her wrestling still leaves a lot to be desired and her attire was better on SD, but she did what she had to do. She needs to ditch the rest holds. I just don’t know what they could have for her now, she has such momentum going and there’s no way to go but down from here. Also, who the fuck is gonna reasonably dethrone a team of Charlotte and fucking Asuka?
  18. Looks like I’m finally learning how to use discord after procrastinating for so long. Stephen Jake Don Draper Kat Mariah Gavin Eric Kemare Leigh Katy LIVin The Riott Michael Erin Angie
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