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  1. HBO budget, she's going to snap. My Time Is Now (2010) and My Time Again (2015) are two great documentaries that really helped the public see a whole new side to Nicki, so I'm excited to see another side of her story. Can't believe Pink Friday is 10 already.
  2. aliyah snatching her twink robert stone and sending her to the sidelines, the tables have TURNED
  3. that's a good man. glad he kept it professional cause they would've just done her dirtier in spite of his comments. hopefully the weekly table spots end. they're very stupid and not even funny anymore.
  4. Nattie is apart of the illuminati or something. her YouTube is very strange and cryptic. TJ and her are definitely in an open relationship and I think he's fucked her sister.
  5. if it was like 2018 new day x alicia fox, then i'd be here for it. i realized he was walking about 2014, when they first debuted and alicia fox was in her tantrum era kjfnjkvnjfk i guess that was when they were desperate for tv time/members and kinda scared it would flop
  6. AEW is extremely sloppy, it's kinda scary. this literally made my stomach drop. everybody rushing to get their spots in and make themselves look GOOD while this man laid on the canvas like a dead corpse. pls.
  7. wait, mickie has beef with a writer? this lowkey makes sense cause they've been sabotaging aunty since day 1 I don't know why the hell she resigned that contract, her match with oscar at NXT was enough & her rumble moment with trish could've topped it all off
  8. Owen Hart? I ain't forget #FuckVince #ExposingVince
  9. and people got mad at Sasha Banks when she asked fans to stop following her in the airport glad sonya got the hell out of that house when she did
  10. Travis

    WWE Fancast

    Zendaya as Naomi ^_^
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