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  1. The rare time a unique celeb baby name doesn't sound stupid. Roux just means red hair in french so Becky probably chose it as a reference to her character's hair
  2. I mean ain't Gone with the Wind pretty racist too?
  3. http://www.mediaite.com/online/report-vince-mcmahon-issues-gag-order-to-wwe-wrestlers-asked-to-comment-on-trump/ http://www.inquisitr.com/3645727/wwe-news-vince-mcmahon-issues-gag-order-to-wwe-employees-in-regards-to-donald-trump-inquiries/ http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wwe-news/vince-mcmahon-imposes-gag-order-wwe-employees-commenting-donald-trump/ Pretty sure all of this is common knowledge. Even if he hadn't said all of this stuff, what guy thinks: "Okay, my wife is running for Trump's cabinet. He's in our Hall of Fame, and my family is invited to his inauguration. Better let all
  4. Around election time Vince ordered everybody to "keep their mouths shut about Trump and know their place". Sami, Seth, and others tweet about politics all the time, but this is the first time anybody's come out and dragged Trump specifically. He could get into some trouble for this (With Mrs. McMahon being in Trump's cabinet now and all), but I doubt it since Haitch lets his boy get away with everything
  5. Because of the trashy McMahons, superstars are generally not allowed to talk shit about Mr. Rotting Pumpkin Man
  6. All jokes aside, do some of us actually think this isn't kayfabe
  7. That's what I just said. Paige didn't just get injured all of a sudden, wrestling with scoliosis has probably been wearing her down for years. When the pain becomes too much to handle or you're at risk of some other condition developing, you have to stop and do some therapy to make sure it doesn't get worse. And even so, I don't understand what's suspect about getting injured all of a sudden. Is there another ways injuries happen? All it takes is one bad bump during a match to get injured. Sami injured his shoulder just dancing around during his entrance. Plus, I'm pretty sure she didn't
  8. For the second time in a little over a year, Seth has been placed on the "Prohibited Items" list at a music festival. This year it is a festival in Washington, last year it was Farmborough.
  9. Paige has had scoliosis for years. Pretty easy to injure your back when your spine is shaped like a question mark.
  10. I miss this tall English bastard every single day...
  11. Rude ass fans really get on my nerves. Especially since Paige is always so nice to her (sane) fans. Oh well. But props to "Casino Mom" for potentially causing an accident on the highway with her kids in the car, just to chase down a wrestler.
  12. Ooh. Evan whatshisface is hot. Put him in the CWC.
  13. "Has just becun..." Goodness Sasha, I'm trying to be happy for you, but get your mic skills straight.
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