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  1. Imagine if the baby decided to go after wwe? its about to get everything because of aunt nickel, momma briesus, and goat face poppa. so proud of my fave
  2. happy birthday! i hope you enjoy your day and it's filled with happiness! you really do deserve it. not to be r00d, but if you don't mind me asking, how old will you be?
  3. queen of models, and the legendary dEva posted on snapchat during the past two days that shes releasing new sunnies, turtle neck dresses, flannel shirts, sweat suits, and even something for our geigh boi's! (Unisex tops) will you be snatching some nem fashion this season? Look out yeezys and ivy park! Charitable queen, the good sis eva is coming through!
  4. not this bitch wasting Gigi's spot too, wwe better send for ha!
  5. hnnnng even pregnancy couldn't save ha! only the legendary roucka Mendes! the trash has truly been taken ouT now the TRUE winner and princess of models mandy can come through!
  6. best wishes to beige. I hope ha surgery CLOCKS ha life and turns it around for the better, my faves would never.
  7. Mixi

    Rosa Mendes

    what if Ro comes back slamming the raw and or Smackdown gorls flat on their backs having y'all sp0oked when she do moonsaults (shades of ovw) I'm so perched @Travis Mendes any sips on ha moves?
  8. Mixi

    Rosa Mendes

    on the real, mother terROSA's comeback is about to be legendary, shes doing it for jordy so that's motivation x2 make us proud KWEEN
  9. everyone coming after clit glam but dEva said bye to #allredeverything last week, I think shes just keeping jet black until she's done filming that nic cage movie ( poor others, they'll never )
  10. not you hens forgetting about mother terrosa memdes, or the iconTic briesus bellegend
  11. Mixi

    Rosa Mendes

    any tea on mutha terrosa's return?
  12. Mixi

    Rosa Mendes

    jordan looks like bobby so much
  13. we had some cute boi's in the cwc, im just shook because what it wwe turns it into a FLOP with this division
  14. wrestling icon emma makes ha iconic return, serving special guest referee for the raw gorls. safe to say she's team raw, save dana on your way to snatch that title.
  15. papi's dick is doing all of this, his impact has me shook
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