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  1. Yoy probably don't remember her at all ,but this girl called Agnes came back with a new song. She is known for a song called ''Release Me'', which was a hit circa 2008. Her last EP is really good too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWrJq9cbRIE&list=RDOWrJq9cbRIE&start_radio=1
  2. I don't understand why Fox decided to do like 20 movies of Avatar . There's no hype anymore. The second movie was supposed to come out in 2014.
  3. Elizabeth Banks as Renee Young
  4. Officials are investigating the disappearance of "Glee" actress Naya Rivera at a lake in Southern California as a "tragic accident," according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. She went missing while on a boat trip with her young son, who was found alone on the boat. They are still searching for her at the moment. Update: her body has been found. R.I.P. Naya, we will never forget you. Fly high angel.
  5. The fact we have to wait till October to watch the freakin film.
  6. I wish people would appreciate her more. (Also Alice Chater) Instead we have that colorful lollipop with trashy melodies.
  7. Is Grindr worth it?

    WWE, 90210 - Enrollment | Defunct Thread - Page 6 - Miscellaneous ...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Twisted Bliss
    3. Christon


      Maybe 3 months ago.


    4. Layout


      It’s worth it if you want attention 🥰  What better validation is there than receiving hundreds of taps from strangers. 

  8. Who's the queen in you avy

    1. Katy


      someone needs Disney +! It's from Peter Pan.

    2. Andrés ♡

      Andrés ♡

      Yep🡅. It´s a mermaid from that movie.

  9.  I guess, 2020 is really cancelled at this point.

  10. It was a very good performance but sis Nicole still thinks she's the only one there. If she doesn't let the other members shine this reunion is not going to work honestly.
  11. I'm from Spain and the cast is very famous here. The cast did an amazing job this season. I liked this season better than the first one honestly.
  12. Andrés ♡


    Zendaya better win an emmy for portraying Rue. Queen of acting
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