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  1. Jason Jordan is up for early retirement. Another one bites the dust and this time, they've added a producer. At least Paige gets to still be on TV.
  2. The business just did not want her in the company. She's a unique character and Impact saw potential in her. I hope she wins the Knockouts title somewhere in the future. She has talent to be the champion.
  3. Fulfill your fantasy battle royal in 2004.
  4. She's never getting back on WWE TV, so let her have this one.
  5. Jojo is a homewrecker. Homegirl can do better but hey, she's loving that vitamin D. Get it girl.
  6. So proud of Britney. She’s so humble and stays true to her fans.
  7. She had decent matches with Michelle McCool in DSW. Shes WWE potential but TNA was better for her.
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