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  1. What happened to Chelsea Green? Is she injured?
  2. Not Kayla coming back for Round 2! WWE is heading for a big storm I think. The outbreaks aren’t gonna stop until they change.
  3. In one article I read, Goldust and Kurt Hennig (I think?) were both beside Brock when he exposed himself and didn’t intervene. The locker room has always been a toxic place
  4. I really thought iconics were gonna snatch
  5. This has spiderwebbed out now to allegations against both Matt Riddle and Jack Gallagher. I’m hoping WWE takes this serious.
  6. I love this idea of it almost being harder to be tag champ, because you are constantly defending on all brands. Could lend itself to a lot of short reigns between a bunch of teams
  7. Shotzi is suuuuuch a star. She delivers every week and is such a natural chaotic baby face.
  8. Nope! I think she was making “local talent” type appearances for Dark. But I’m actually really stoked for her.
  9. https://twitter.com/aewrestling/status/1273417196375625728?s=21 im getting more and more excited as AEW starts rounding out its women’s division. Abadon showed some amazing character work in this recent match against Shida. https://youtu.be/ZNNOLR2-dkc
  10. Imagine Bianca lifting opponents in a chicken wing and holding them so Naomi can hit the Rear View
  11. I’m holding out hope that they’re saving her for a title chase after Asuka goes thru a couple of filler feuds first (Nia, Charlotte, maybe Shayna?)
  12. Lana and Nattie finally getting their tag team. Are Bliss and Cross the only face tag team?
  13. A Bianca/Asuka program would be SO HOT
  14. I remember popping so hard when she was taking on the Awesome Kong Challenge. Impact really used to be that bitch.
  15. I’d much rather her hog up raw than SD anyway. except move Liv and Ruby to SD for Bayley and Lacey
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