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  1. Read the caption closely... " Now on to Monday Night RAW to have a FEARLESS fight!" a fEarLeSs FiGhT... Fight.. Fight! She spoiled the girls and she didn't even know it. Could this mean we'll see the other Raw 25 girls in action for one more time?
  2. RANDAL "RANDY" ORTON AGE: 23. INCOME: Upper middle-class. SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight. OCCUPATION: Go-Go Dancer. NICKNAMES/ALIASES: "Randy" MARITAL STATUS: Single. HOBBIES: Sex, Partying, Working Out, Dancing, Attention. FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: TBA, Message me. CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Following their break up, he had several off and on flings with Eva Marie. PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cocky/Confident, Goof, Alpha, Idiot, Fuck Boy, Coward. BACKSTORY: Born and raised in Full Sail, Washington - Randy Orton has always been the talk of town. His looks, shaky relationships, and inability of ke
  3. So @Cooksie is my contract still in the works
  4. I want to be the father to these gays that they never had. I want to be that girl. The Old Lady Brigade is scrapped and your wait is over. It's time for a revolution ladies.


  5. Maryse - 18 Paige - 26 Becky Lynch - 14 Carmella - 18 Charlotte Flair - 15 Lana - 18 Liv Morgan - 8 (-2) Naomi - 15 Natalya - 18 Nikki Bella - 17 Ruby Riot - 7 Tamina - 18 Bianca Belair - 14 Billie Kay - 19 Ember Moon - 13 Kairi Sane - 15 Peyton Royce - 16 Zelina Vega - 26
  6. K so like where's the NXT Program for girls like me cause I don't plan on jobbing to the big girls
  7. Update: I let him pee in my ass instead while Bon Appetit played in the background. Thank you guys for the advice! :party::heart:



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tygress


      Did you get his cash?

    3. Angel


      @Naomella Omg no he's clean.

      @Mr.wolf2020 It was okay.

      @Matto I always get his cash :momriah:

    4. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      You are a better spouse than I will ever be.

  8. My man wants to do a golden shower on me, should I let him?

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    2. Tygress


      For the right price

    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      I wouldn’t but if you do at least have it take place in the shower.

    4. Josh.


      What his dick look like?

  9. Fix this I've had enough of the double post
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