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  1. Personally I’d swap out Sunfire for Colossus & Kitty, and I’d save Havok for a X-Factor stand-alone to keep him out of Scott’s shadow unless they plan to feature Polaris in this as a supporting role. Excited to see Thunderbird also, but feel like more could be done if they used Warpath instead. Otherwise this shits . Although I love this team I do hope they don’t introduce them as the founding team, I hope we get some cute flashbacks of the O5 in the yellow and blue spandex.
  2. Personally I’d say Monet St. Croix, but I think she barely meets the criteria of a full fledged X-Man and she’s pretty unknown . But it’s undeniable Kitty is the best X-Man, period. We’ve seen her serve girl next door, quirky tech support and eventual leader of the entire mutant race and still she’s maintained a relatability throughout it all unlike others characters of her calibre (Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm etc.) If the MCU felt the need to build their X-Men franchise around a character like Fox did with Logan, it’d only make sense for it to be Kitty.
  3. The DIVAS really went all out for this
  4. ELIAS SAMSON A humble lodge sits upon the precipice of a mountain, inside a burning fireplace casts an illuminating glow on talon stained walls. Rugged and shabby, Elias steps out of the lodge’s shadows, his once smooth and muscular physique now adorned in fleshy scars. With an ominous expression he carefully eyes a pin board cloaked by months upon months of newspaper clippings, each article correlating back to the reoccurring topic of unexplained crimes. Clearing his throat, he reaches for a Dictaphone on the mantelpiece. "Week seventy-one, day five hundred and something, the moon
  5. ELIAS SAMSON "Jeez, do you really think that?" Elias chuckles, sarcastically cocking his eyebrow as he'd divulge in their playful back and forth. "Would you not miss me? Not even a little bit?"
  6. ELIAS SAMSON "Will you please stop worrying over nothing? I'm going to be fine," he sighs as returns an equally stern look, which quickly dissolves into a teasing smirk. "Besides, other than me potentially dying, what's the worse that could happen?"
  7. JayP.


    She really came through like Joyride never happened, I really hope that this doesn't flop for her
  8. ELIAS SAMSON "Firstly, does it not hurt to be that fucking condescending?" He questions, furrowing his brows hastily. "Secondly, do you have any better ideas, brainiac? Like what you actually plan on doing once you find a vampire? Are you going to taunt it with garlic until it squeals?" Elias continues to rant as his irritation grows, each word said with vitriol. tbc: @Queen of Hens
  9. ELIAS SAMSON "Can everybody just chill the fuck out?" Elias sighs, his wide eyes flickering between the faces of the room with an open mouth smile. "What do you two idiots think I'm planning on doing? I'm not going to dress up in leather and challenge the first vampire I find to some sort of supernatural duel." He laughs as he crawls onto the sofa, comfortably nestling himself besides Carmella. "We need to play this careful, let them think we're still in dark and keep the element of surprise on our side. We just need some good old school espionage, and I think that my charm and dashing good lo
  10. ELIAS SAMSON "Nope." Elias beams as he kneels before her, scattering the mound of books onto the floor. "You want my help, right? Well let me do this, let me do it alone."
  11. ELIAS SAMSON "Breathe," he grins at Carmella, his hand reaching for hers. "I'm in no rush to go hunting for vampires just yet, and when I do, I don't need you cramping my style."
  12. ELIAS SAMSON "If I volunteer to find a 'vampire' can I stop reading?" Elias groans, slamming the book he was studying to the ground. "I'm not much use here, and to be honest I've just been looking at the pictures for the last thirty minutes."
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