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  1. Hopefully this means a retirement to become a full-time mother.
  2. Becky and her hair is giving me La Roux stan. Stream Bulletproof to celebrate.
  3. She didn't lie and it seems like finally everyone is tired of their bullshit after she's been told us for years.
  4. It wouldn't have happened regardless due to the pregnancy. Oh well.
  5. I had no idea this man wrote for WWE? Omg. Anyways, in general I think these storylines/matches featuring two powerhouses are a bit of a mess so I'm glad it didn't happen.
  6. This is so stunning. I'm shaking you guys.
  7. I'm not even trying to be shady but she's literally in a high risk category for being obese.
  8. He could have kept that to himself because now I'm depressed.
  9. What she means is that no crowd works for her because she was getting 'boring' chants a week after her main roster debut.
  10. This eloquent read which isn't even meaning to be a read sent me over the edge.
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