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  1. Somebody arleady helped me, but thank you very much!
  2. So can I get an invite or what? I know this is kind of an exclusive community, but i really like playing this kind of games, that's all
  3. Oh I want to join but my invite is invalid (??)
  4. Isn't there going to be a Royal Rumble game this year?
  5. Who's surprised? this bitch screams trump supporter from a million miles away
  6. This bitch just craves for attention 🙄
  7. Come on Io and Carmella need to to through 😭😭😭
  8. OMG this is hilarious, like they really outdid themselves this year
  9. Lol, I doubt her age is actually a factor in her favor, but whatever
  10. If they give her storyline to f*cking bayley 🤬
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