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  1. chile if they are throwing Lacey/Peyton together i'm gonna be livid. I just watched Raw Talk and it's basically the Nia/Shayna gimmick. They both hate each other and are coming after Asuka. Why would they separate her and billie, to just throw her with lacey??? make it make sense
  2. omg i didn't even realize the bellas didn't make it
  3. It's weird they did it for WWE only, but added Awesome Kong as #20. They obviously didn't do their research. Her 3 week run as Kharma didn't do the company any justice and shouldn't be on the list while Melina didn't even get an honorable mention.
  4. Liv served last night. That segment was so good
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rZzobp07ds Kelly Kelly talks about a diva group chat that she's in with other divas. Who do y'all think is in it??
  6. Just C**a related stuff. I don't think they had any harsh feelings for each other though. If C**na was able to work with Dolph, I don't see why it would of been an issue for Nikki then. Especially if Beth/Lita can get along, I'm sure Mickie & Nikki would be grown ups
  7. ugh there goes hope. Is 2k20 somewhat better now since all the huge patches?
  8. I looked at it as Beth trying to impress Vickie and show how dominant she could be, but it kept back firing - which led to her vs Laycool. Also she knew what Laycool was doing to Mickie was wrong, but she also hated Mickie because of their history. idk tho.
  9. I predict that The IIconics, Ember, Lana, Maryse, Mickie, Paige, Renee and Ruby will be next tbh. Maybe JoJo too. Tamina is so lucky she is getting this push
  10. I was watching some early 2010 Mickie matches today, and was thinking how crazy it was that they released her. If she ends up getting released today, I'm going to be so fucking mad
  11. guess we're still going to get pc shows https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/13/wwe-named-essential-business-by-florida-governor/
  12. What ever happened to Carmella? I couldn't find any social media besides a twitter that's been inactive since 2016
  13. So did they end up filming stuff for Raw or is it gonna just be like 2 taped matches that they did after wm
  14. FROOT


    1. Maryse 2. Trish 3. Sable period
  15. serving Angelina Love being deported back to Canada at the peak of her career
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