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  1. Gavin kills me when he pulls out all these receipts 😭😭 I too had to wonder when Gail was in any of them matches
  2. Dead! TBH Gails feelings are still very much valid, regardless if people find her annoying or an opportunist. I can honestly feel her pain. Imagine feeling powerless and doing something that’s quite humiliating. I’m sure her self-esteem probably took a beating and maybe to this day she feels triggered because of these experiences.
  3. I can see Maria’s vision... but some things are better on paper and this seems like one of them. The reality is that Mike wasn’t very sympathetic, not once watching did I feel sorry for him. I’m with @Twisted Bliss he would have flopped.
  4. I can already see Nattie and Charlotte aligning with her ass. LORD-
  5. Whew- if they sign her it’s further proof white people can do anything and get away with it. Fuck Tessa and anybody that supports her
  6. I feel like Zelina for saying this, but I lived for this scene. The way Aaliyah’s movement just flowed so perfectly with the song just made the scene perfection! Bad bitch energy exuded to the fullest I also loved the concert scene. The movie really put me onto the darker more alternative style of music Wait 😭 let me include this scene too. The song made the scene just so much more sensual
  7. Follow me on Twitter :aj: Let’s interact and share laughs. DM me too if you make headers! I want a cuter profile page https://mobile.twitter.com/xNightride

    1. Layout


      This also used to be a burner account. I’m following a few of you already. Just an FYI :summersmile:

    2. Katy
  8. Why is she so hot?! @Twisted Bliss
  9. Billie Slay indeed! I don’t know what the hell Peyton did to herself... She really didn’t need to have all that work done. But Billie
  10. Bianca, Carmella and Sasha really snapped! Zelina looks.... interesting.
  11. She’s been looking so amazing lately! I don’t keep up with the product, but I do see clips of her and follow her on Instagram. It’s nice to see that her appearance shows a reflection of how happy she is. You can tell she’s in a really good place now after having been through what she had after the Wrestlemania situation. Something about her aura is different now, in a good way.
  12. Terri the character was amazing, but you could tell Terri the person was a fake ho. There’s something about her that comes off disingenuous, I sensed that from her podcast. Sable seemed very confident and true to herself, so it’s no wonder women like Terri felt threatened by her. She really speaks from a place of jealousy because based off the story she told that really wasn’t a real reason for her to stop liking Sable. She just wanted to have a reason not to like her. Such a hater trait.
  13. I 100% agree. Dana Brooke needs to do that because lbr, she’s not going to accomplish shit And honestly, she’s very charming and charismatic! There’s definitely a place for her somewhere in the entertainment industry which is way more appealing than being a WWE jobber For me anyway, some of these people seem complacent and probably love being in WWE no matter their position in the company. All this makes me glad Alicia is away from all this. She had more to bring to the table and didn’t deserve to be in a place that no longer made her happy or brought her any growth.
  14. If people genuinely love wrestling, then, I’m not gonna steal their joy away, but damn... This is why I don’t fuck this shit no more. The fans are weird and scummy, the wrestlers... just as scummy, the promoters and people in charge... even worse, as seen on The Dark Side of the Ring... Covid is terrible, but at least it’s given me all the more reason to finally give up on all this. All this is too much
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