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  1. smarks whenever someone mentions the divas or Bella twins
  2. Does WWE still do weekly match pictures? I never see them
  3. £60 was stolen out of my wallet at a house party last week so I can relate! Kayla should have made that worker know she wasn't the one and got it back from him
  4. Did we really need to see this again, I couldnt finish the first 2 matches they had
  5. The hair physics look like a downgrade! Guess I'll need to see actual gameplay but the way beckys wig glitched on the cell wasn't cute, and how it barely moved as the girls fell. Garb
  6. Fuck a Lana basic ass, it should have been Cameron given the treatment Eva had. She already had the heat. Better mic skills, could wrestle and was getting better and better in NXT, gave Asuka her best squash. They dropped the ball
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