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  1. I'm still here, waiting for @Don Draperto upload the results for HB's sexiest man!
  2. is this still happening or can we declare Dwayne Johnson as the sexiest man alive?
  3. From the first episode I really like Rose, Tina Burner and Elliott. I also like Tamisha, Gottmik, Olivia and Utica.
  4. I enjoyed the movie. I don't understand why some people are saying it's boring? Maybe it's my girl crush on Gal. I wasn't bored. And Wonder Woman remains the only super hero/comic movie I actually really enjoy and will rewatch. Wiig KILLED it. I was really nervous about her part going into it because I know her as a comedian only, but damn. She did that.
  5. Stephen Jake Don Draper Kat Mariah Gavin Eric Kemare Leigh Katy awww yusssss. any evening works for me! I gave up drinking for the rest of the year because I need to get a handle on it but preferably not super late... 'cause I'm usually in bed by 9 lol Finish: BOTH of you, private message me the other member of your team's name on Discord to complete the race.
  6. No Secret Santa this year??

    1. Shoaib.


      nope, but there's this!


  7. the absolute disrespecT on Dwayne Johnson last year. repent, bitches.
  8. I know that's right! ...never heard of whoever is number 2.
  9. not gonna lie, when the site went down I got real scared Mariah and co. would be like ehhhh fuck it I'M SO GLAD THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! THIS LOOKS FLAWLESS!!!!
  10. Okay, I won't be getting the vaccine immediately either. Not that I don't believe in medicine/science, because duh that's what I do for a living, but this is getting rushed WAY too fast, and sure it's necessary, but I'm not doing it. Start playing around with something as finicky as a virus, putting it in people and not seeing the long term effects? Hard pass. Give it a few years with different labs doing different studies and able to recreate the same results then okay I won't have the same argument, but for right now, I'm good. Not to mention, healthcare is a business anymore. It's disgustin
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